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I'm Gary Scott, and I'm glad you're here! 

I'm a second generation appraiser. My Father, L. E. "Scotty" Scott was a Realtor and Appraiser and developed the Hillcrest Heights Additions in Bartlesville in 1958.

I've grown up around the Real Estate and Appraisal Business and have been aware of houses, construction methods and qualities, and appraisal most of my life.  In high school, I worked on the Survey Crew for the State of Oklahoma as they were building Adams Blvd. the Sand Creek Bridge and turning Highway 75 from a two lane road into four lane.  I learned to run the transit and level and shot the final grade on Highway 75 north of the overpass down to the bottom of the hill in front of Eastland Shopping Center.  I've heard people (who didn't know I was involved) say this is the smoothest part of the road. I try to be professional and precise in all my work.

After being a successful assistant manager of a 160 seat, 177 employee Far West Services Restaurant in the heart of Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii, (we were directly across from the International Marketplace and backed up to the Luau grounds of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel) but had a 99 year land lease with less than 4 years to run and was scheduled for demolition when the lease ran out. The chain was sold to Jolly Roger Restaurants.  I continued with them, however they immediately cut food, service and quality and raised prices.  I decided to give them 6 months, just to make sure that it wasn't a matter of finding it hard to change, but after that time, I could no longer accept their approach to Hawaiian visitors and moved back to Oklahoma where a job as appraiser for Frontier Federal Savings and Loan was waiting for me. 

Real Estate and Appraisal:
I began appraising in 1977.  I worked with my Father and learned the business, worked for free as an appraisal apprentice for People's Federal Savings and Loan, then became staff appraiser for Frontier Federal Savings and Loan in Bartlesville and later was promoted to Loan Officer.  I became a real estate agent in 1979, earned my Oklahoma Real Estate Broker's license in 1980 and opened my own firm as Realtor/Owner/Broker/Appraiser in 1980.

I was licensed as a Certified General Appraiser (the Highest Level Appraisal Designation) in 1992, and have been qualified as an Expert Witness and given testimony in Washington, Osage and Tulsa Counties as well as Clark County, Las Vegas, Arizona. As I am nearing retirement, I may not renew my license, so if that is a requirement, please ask me about my license status. Let us know if you require a licensed or certified appraiser or any particular forms or format for your appraisal.

I've appraised Shin-en-Kan the Bruce Goff Masterpiece (disclosed with permission), numerous Farms, Ranches, Apartments and Commercial Properties, houses of almost all shapes and sizes, and properties including a house resembling a Castle, a Log Cabin, an Earth Sheltered Home, a two story Quonset Hut, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Auto Dealerships, Airports, Rodeo Facilities and assisted in the appraisal of what is now the Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

I've done Conventional, Relocation Appraisals as well as appraisals for FHA and VA. I never made application to either, but both FHA and VA contacted me to become an appraiser for them based upon my reputation for honesty and accuracy.  I've done appraisals for numerous banks, loan companies, attorneys, accountants, individuals, businesses and the University of Oklahoma.  I’ve also been hired directly by FNMA (Federal National Mortgage Association) (one of the entities that most lenders sell their mortgages to in the secondary market).

I have been called a national expert on storm or ice damage to trees (the IRS allows a casualty loss deductions), and I've been called the best appraiser in Bartlesville, (but I wouldn't want to make that claim myself). I've done eminent domain appraisals, appraisals involving State Department of Highways acquisition of land for high pressure pipelines, a house with a geodesic dome, a house composed of hexagons inter-connected with walkways, land, farm land, flood land, numerous farms including some well-known very large farms south of town and a multi-million dollar ranch whose name you would recognize, an entire subdivision development tract with golf course, restaurant and Club House on Grand Lake, and a 20 million dollar home built by a legendary architect.

Between my work on the Survey Crew, Loan Officer, Real Estate Owner, Broker and Appraiser as well as being familiar with construction, construction qualities, FHA, VA, Conventional and Relocation Appraisals, my unique combination of knowledge and experience puts me in a unique position to help in a number of areas. 

I’d love to work with you!  Call me today at 918-333-2700.


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