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Your home may be your Castle, a log cabin, an earth-sheltered home, a two-story Quonset Hut, an entire sub-division development tract with golf course and Club House on Grand Lake, a 20 million dollar home built by a legendary architect, or an Airport, Auto Dealership or Commercial Properties, but no matter how complex, you can count on Scott Appraisal to deliver, we've done them all!

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  • Casualty Loss of Value Due to Ice, Wind, Storm or other Damage to Trees Did a storm blow over a large tree or trees? — The IRS gives you the ability to deduct on your Tax Return, damage for the loss of value of your house in the event of damage or loss of mature trees.  See the Menu in the upper right for More Information.

No matter how complex the property or what type of real estate is in question, as a second-generation Realtor and Appraiser, my 43+ years of experience, hours of study, and ability to do in-depth research and analysis make us well qualified to provide valuations in Bartlesville and surrounding areas for clients ranging from National Mortgage Companies to Local Lenders, Attorneys, Trust Officers, Government Agencies, individual Home Sellers, consumers, businesses and Home Buyers seeking an estimate of value independent of their local Lender's appraisal (which is specifically prepared for the Lender and their purposes, may not provide as detailed an inspection, research or analysis).  An appraisal is an opinion of value, not a fact to be found. As a result, different appraisers, given identical data, may interpret that data differently and come up with entirely different opinions of value, based upon the experience and skill of the individual appraiser. 

One relocation company I worked with (until they decided it was not cost effective and discontinued) kept track of every appraisal that all their appraisers did, what we appraised, when we appraised it, what they spent on the repairs and updates that we suggested, what it sold for and how far we were off. 

Out of all their appraisers, they showed my accuracy record was the best.  My records for three years running were within a fraction of 1 percent with a very small standard deviation. A small standard deviation means that all my appraisals were very close.

By contrast, a large standard deviation has a wide variation, for example, an appraiser could be $100,000 too high on one house and $100,000 to low on another. His "Average" would be perfect, but the spread (standard deviation) would be horrible. They told me that some of my competition were off by as much as 40% with substantial deviation, on a regular basis. Based upon their detailed study that ran for 3 years, my accuracy was far above that of any of my competitors. — Their analysis, not mine.  

I strive to do my best on every estimate of value. It would be my pleasure to assist you with your valuation needs.  Please Call me today.   918-333-2700

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